4 storey stick frameFor Generations the home building industry in Southern Ontario has followed a model of sprawl, producing wood framed single family and tall narrow townhouse style development. While most aspire to buy a single family dwelling or condo in the sky, the reality is that many first time home buyers have been left with little choice but a townhouse block, row house, riddled with staircases, inconvenient layouts, and all the responsibilities of a single, and none of the benefits of condo services. 3 and 4 storey construction with concrete floors, grand entry ways, underground parking and common corridor offers the best of both worlds. Today’s sound attenuation technology, engineered wood products and sound and knowledgeable assembly brings ownership into the realm of realities for buyers who otherwise would sooner rent.

Staff Experience

Browei Construction Owners and Staff have specific knowledge, experience and training in the specialized discipline of Mid-Rise Wood Frame, Multi Family Residential Construction. This Build Form Known as 4 Storey Stick Construction has evolved from basic hotel structures and low income housing of past decades to full service luxury condominiums. Leaps in sound attenuation technology and a wealth of experimental experience gives developers a wide range of layout choices. New forms of wood frame structures that maximize lot coverage and offer flexibility and phasing have been created over the past few years.

Team Selection

Browei will get the job done on time and on budget with the right people. “In our experience, the selection of the building team from trades that have the experience of multi-level, podium slab, wood framed buildings are the only trades suitable to execute a smooth delivery of this product type.” Browei Partner.