Employee Owned Browei Construction Inc. is a combination of skills, experiences and personalities of Construction Management Professionals that have partnered together to bring a professional business management, research and development approach to a Construction Department for Hire. We pride ourselves in remaining on the job to see Occupancies and contributing to the design and articulate execution of the project. Like our histories, we cover a spectrum of construction projects. We seek to use our broad knowledge to produce a better product. Company principals have had experience in Housing, Condos, Disaster Restoration, Large Loss Reconstruction, Community Building Projects, Large Scale Demolition and Commercial Construction. “As your Constructor, Construction Manager, Owner’s Representative; we will show up, we will do what it takes, we will be positive, we will share your vision, and we will not let you down.”

BROWEI is committed to the success and increased adoption of sustainable construction practices throughout the industry. As part of this effort, we train all new hires in the theory and practice of green building, emphasizing the LEED rating system. We believe Green buildings are not only good for the environment, they also provide immediate and long-term economic benefits for developers, building owners and occupants.

As part of our commitment to have a positive impact on the communities we serve, we have launched a broad-based program of initiatives to promote sustainable development practices and to aggressively expand our capabilities in this growing field.

Core Values

Teamwork / People Focused

We recognize our primary asset is people. To be successful, BROWEI must be a rewarding place to work. We provide opportunity and encouragement to help our people reach their potential. We work with our clients as a team. Mutual respect provides the foundation for our success.

Integrity / Highest Ethical Standards

We remain true to our founding values of quality, honesty and hard work. We have the highest ethical standards in the industry. We “do the right thing.” BROWEI is a business based on trust.

BROWEI is consistently associated with the high standards of service, quality, personal attention to clients, and integrity. Because of this reputation the company has the privilege of leading our clients project

Commitment / Client Driven

We are proactive in finding solutions for our clients that best achieve their goals. Lasting relationships are the lifeblood of our business. We want the client to feel that our staff is even more committed to the effort than their own staff…that’s what distinguishes us. Personal attention to our clients as individuals…caring about them as individuals. Our founders, refer to our clients, appropriately, as our “respected friends."

Why Browei

Building on our extensive experience proving modular residences for established retirement communities, BROWEI now supplies custom built structures to clients in the commercial and industrial sectors as well as residential builders and individual home buyers. Working with clients throughout the process, we provide site planning, community design and consulting services, custom individual design and on-site assembly. After years and hundreds of satisfied home owners, we are ready and able to help bring life to your three or four story stick frame building projects.