Complete Project Management Fee Based

Browei will participate with Owners Architect in Pre Construction activities. Where required Browei will add secondary consultants and individual process management , for example : Tarion Bulletin 19 consultant, Acoustical Consultant, Geotechnical investigation, preliminary budgeting, trade team candidate pre-screening. From sales rendering to the first cut of grass, Browei staff has the ability.

Design / Build with Construction Management

Browei will work with owner’s to Design an efficient structure and appealing design with our in House Architects, 4 storey wood frame award winning Jonathan Wiezel and Calagry wood frame specialist Casola Koppe Architects.

Construction Management

Browei will, for a fixed fee or as a percentage of the cost of construction, based on the drawings and timeline established by the owner to manage the construction of the project. At the owners request Browei will tender the project and review the trade selections of the owner Browei will assist in the accounting process. Browei will maintain a high standard of best practises, safety and cost effective construction.

General Contracting

From the Owner’s Detail Drawings and Permits, Browei will offer a complete Bid Price to complete the project within specific timelines. This traditional method of construction can be accomplished by Browei’s expert staff of building professionals with the greatest regard for budget and schedule of delivery. Although conservative and at a cost premium, this guaranteed delivery method fixes costs and pegs the final numbers to ensure the Owner’s margin.